Regimen during rainy Season - Varsa kala charya


Regimen during rainy Season - Varsa kala charya

             In varsa (rainy season) the agni (digestive activity) though weak in persons, debilitated by the ãdanakãla (summer ) undergoes further decrease and gets vitiated by tile dosãs. They (dosãs) get aggravated by the (effect of) hanging, thick clouds full of water, cold wind having snow, blowing suddenly; Water getting dirty because of rain, warmth of the earth and sourness, and the poor strength of digestive activity the dosãs start vitiating  dosas (and cause many diseases). Hence all general methods (which mitigate the dosãs) and measures to enhance tile digestive activity should be adopted

After undergoing purifactory therapies (vamana, virecana) the person should also be administered ãsthapana (decoction enema therapy). He should use old grains for food, meat juice processed with spices etc., meat of animals of desert-like lands, soup of pulses, wine prepared from grapes and fermented decoctions, which are old or mastu (whey, thin water of curds) processed with more of souvarcala and powder of pancakola, should be used. Rain water or water from deep wells, well boiled should be used for drinking. On days sunlight at all, the food should be predominantly sour, salty and fatty, dry, mixed with honey and easily digestable.

River water, udamantha (beverage prepared with flour of corns mixed with ghee), sleeping at daytime, exertion and exposure to sun should be avoided.



Kumkum / safron - Crocus sativus

 Medicinal Plant / herbs

Crocuses belong to the family Iridaceae. The saffron crocus is classified as Crocus sativus, It is a shrub. Leaves are seen towards the base of the stem and are compactly arranged.Read More about safron.....