lksu varga—(group of sugarcane juice and its products)

 lksu varga—(group of sugarcane juice and its products)

    Juice of sugar cane is sara (laxative), heavy (hard to digest), unctuous, stoutening the body, cause increase of kapha and urine, is aphrodisiac, cold in potency, cures bleeding diseases, sweet in taste and also at the end of digestion.

    The roots, shoots and worm infested parts of the cane being crushed together, the juice getting mixed with dirty materials (dust etc.), and lapse of little time in between (crushing and consuming the juice) because of these, the cane juice taken out from machines get spoiled and causes burning sensation during digestion, is not easily digestible and causes constipation.

   The poutdraka variety of cane is best in view of its coolant, effect, thinness and more sweetness of its juice; next to it is the vãmsika variety.

Next are the sataparvaka, kãñtara, naipäla etc., in respective order, a e slightly alkaline and astringent in taste, hot in potency and cause burning sensation slightly.

Phanita—(haf-cooked molasses  ) :—

Phanita is heavy (haavy to digest), abhiyandi (increasing the secretions in the tissue pores and blocking them), causes mild increase (of the dosäs) and cleanses the urine (by increasing its quantity).

( jaggery/molasses treacle) :—

Guda (jaggary, molasses) washed well (made white and purified by some process) does not cause great increase of Leman (kapha), (causes slight increase); helps easy eliminating of urine and faeces; the other one (which is not washed and purified) causes appearances of worms greatly (inside the intestines) and disorder of bone-marrow, blood, fat, muscles, tissues and also of kapha. That which is old is good to the heart and suitable for health that which is fresh, Causes increase of kapha and weakens digestive activity.

Matsyatica—(brown sugar etc.).

Matsyantika (brown sugar), sugar candy and sitä (white crystalline sugar) in their succeeding order are better (than guda-jagger/treacle), are aphrodisiac, good for the emaciated and the wounded, cure bleeding diseases and aggravation of vãta.

Yasa sarkars (sugar prepared from yavaaka plant) is similar in properties to sugar but is bitter-sweet arid astringent in taste.
All sugars cure burning sensation, thirst vomitting, fainting, and bleeding diseases.
Among the products of sugarcane juice, sugar is the best and phanita (half-cooked molasses) is the least.





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