Desha bedha—(kinds of habitat)


Desha bedha—(kinds of habitat)

Desha (habitat), in this science, is said to be of two kinds— bhümi (deasa )—region of land and deha (desa)—the body. Bhümi desa-land region is of three kinds viz, jangala—which is predominant of vata, ãnupa which is predominant of kapha and sãdhãraria which has all the malas (dosas) in normal condition.

Jangala region is dry or desert-like land with no mountains or hills, has less vegetation, poor water resources and is more breezy. Anupa is marshy land with more of water, more vegetation, very less of sunlight awl heat. Sãdhärana is the moderate type with few mountains, hills, moderate water, vegetation and sunlight.


Kumkum / safron - Crocus sativus

 Medicinal Plant / herbs

Crocuses belong to the family Iridaceae. The saffron crocus is classified as Crocus sativus, It is a shrub. Leaves are seen towards the base of the stem and are compactly arranged.Read More about safron.....