Virdidha vyakya-(definition of viruddha)

Virdidha vyakya-(definition of viruddha)

       Any thing that causes aggravation (increase) of the dosas but does not expel them out of the body is (called) viruddha (incompatible). The treatment desirable for it (troubles arising from consuming of incompatable foods) is either purifactory therapies (emesis, purgation etc.) or palliative therapies, opposite of their nature (specific for the diseases).
         The body should be reconditioned as earlier, by use of substances (foods, drugs etc.) of the same nature (in other words substances possessing properties opposite of the aggravated dosas ).
Foods though incompatible do not produce diseases, in those who are habituated to exercise (physical activity) and fatty foods, who have strong digestive power, who are of age (adult age) and who are strong; so also those foods (though incompatible) which have become accustomed (by long use) and which have been consumed iii very little quantity.

Satmyaa krama-(method of customization )

        Unhealthy things (foods, drinks, activities) which have become accustomed (by long use) should be discontinued by quarter and quarter (gradually), similarly healthy things (foods etc.) should be made use of (gradually) with intervals of one, two or three days.
Discontinuance of unhealthy things (foods, drinks etc.) and indulgence in healthy things, done suddenly and (also) other wise (improperly) give rise to (become causes of) diseases of satmya (habituation) and  (non-habituation).

      The above statement cart be explained as follows :-a person who has been drinking wine which is unsuitable to health will have become accustomed to it due to long use If he discontinues drinking suddenly, he will become a victim of diseases caused by discontinuance (withdrawal ) of satmya (accustomed); similarly, a person who is not accustomed to milk which is suitable for health, starts drinking it suddenly, becomes a victim of diseases of indulgence in sawãtmya (unaccustomed material).

       The bad effects diminished gradually and the good effects increased gradually, attain (the state of) non-recurrence and become stable. Bad effects get diminished by gradual discontinuance of unhealthy food, drinks, etc., and good effects increase by indulgence of unhealthy things. In course of time, both become stable and do not revere back to their earlier condition again.

          A wise man, by indulging in unhealthy things, should not help the vitiating factors which have become very intimate and (thereby) vitiate the body greatly.Unhealthy things though accustomed to the body by long use and though very intimately associated are still useful, as long as they are continued. They cause greater harm when combined with other unhealthy things. So a wise man desirous of health should not only discontinue the already accustomed unhealthy things but also avoid indulgence in other unhealthy things.

Kumkum / safron - Crocus sativus

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