Tridoshalakashana— properties of the three dosha

Tridoshalakashana— properties of the three dosha
 Rüksa (dryness), laghu (light in weight), sita (coldness), khara (roughness), süksma (subtleness) and chala ( movement) are the properties of Anila (vãta).
 Sasneba (slight unctuousness), tikta (penetrating deep), ushna (hot, heat producing), laghu (light in weight), visra (bad smell), sara (free flowing) and drava (liquidity) are the properties of Pitta.
 Snigdha (unctousness), sita (cold, producing coldness), guru
 (heavy), manda (slow in action), slaksa (smooth), mritsna (slimy) and sthira (stable/static) are the properties of kapha.
 Both in their decreased and increased states, the combination of any two dosãs is known as sathsarga and of all three, as sannipta.
 Dhãtu and malia—(basic tissues and wastes)
 Rasa (plasma), asrk (blood), mamsa (muscles), medas (fat) asthi (bone), majja (bone marrow) and sukra (semen/arthava) are the seven dhatu (basic tissues) and are also known is dhusyas (those that get vitiated by the dosas).

Kumkum / safron - Crocus sativus

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