SHADRASA—(six tastes)

    SHADRASA—(six tastes)
 Swâdu (sweet), amla (sour), lavalla (salt), tikta bitter), üsna (pungent) and käsaya (astringent) are the six rasãs (tastes); they are present in the substances, each one is more strengthening (to the body) their order of precedence.
 Taste is also a guna ( quality) of every substance, each substance may have one or more tastes, which becomes known when the substance is put on the tongue. The first, clearly recognisable taste is known as Pradhãna rasa (primary taste) and the remaining tastes which are recognised later and mildly are anurasa (secondary taste). In respect of giving strength to the body, kasäya ( astringent) provides the minimum, üsana (pungent) a little more and so on, swãdu (sweet) providing the maximum.
 Alleviation of dosas by tastes—
 The first three tastes ( swàdu) anila and lavana ) alleviate
 mitigate, cause decrease ) maruta (vata); the three starting with tikta (tikta, Uasna and kasaya) alleviate kapha; kasaya, tikta and madhura alleviate pitta; whereas the others cause their increase (aggravation of the dosãs).
 Dravyabheda—(kinds of substances)
 Dravyas (substances used as food, drugs, etc.) are of three kinds viz. samana (those which alleviate the dosãs), kopanã (those which aggravate the dosas) and swasthahita (suitable for health which help maintain health).

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