Improper union of time, objects and actions is cause of all the diseases; all so in the case of manas. Nidhana of all roga can be classified in to three groups error in the co-ordination between sense organs and it’s senses, error in intellect, will power and memory and variation in the seasons.
The treatment in Ayurveda is by intellect, will power and self orientation. Ayurvedic psychotherapy is based on this principle. These are used as preventive and curative measures. Treatment without the administration of drugs too is advised here.

           Ojas is the essence of all tissues when they are in good condition.It is situated in heart.Manas also situated in heart. Ojas is depleted by mental emotions like anger,grief etc. When ojas is depleted person become fearful, increase worried; his faculties will not be able to function properly.
Surprisingly increase in ojas is not pathetic. It helps to increase the efficiency of manas and it’s functions.


           According to Ayurvedic view soul along with manas enter the zygote at the time of fertilization.Soul (chethana dhatu) leaves the body at the time of death and the body dispersed into 5 basic elements.Number of manas is innumerable and manas has no
Mental strength is graded into 3-  can suffer any adverse condition; can’t and in between them.
Acharya Caraka describes satwasarapurusha who has great mental power,memmory,knowledge,hygiene,self control etc.
As the mentioned earlier, satwabhagum of manas has contributed with social behaviour.Man is a social animal. He can’t withstand when separated from society.


        How can we predict whether manas is bouthika or abouthika. Manas is an acetana dravya. Ayurvedic concept about indriya is usually known of bouthika.Caraka and his commentator Cakrapani taken manas as atindriya (super sensual). In perception of senses manas is connected to both external sense organs (bouthika) and cetanadhatu (abouthika).Caraka include manas in adhyatmika dravya along with atma and buddi. It is said that manas receive contribution from fine parts of food.Which means only that, food is essential in normal regulations of manovahasrotas. From all of the opinions we can assume that manas is not purely bouthika or abouthika.It has connections with panchabootha sareera and chetanadhatu (atma).So it is a connecting link between sareera and atma.


        If we research through great Acharya’s works we can realize one important factor that no body has tended to give a clear definition to manas. All of them elaborately described about various aspects of manas and it’s Psychological, etiological and supersensual functions.Any way one thing is sure that physicians should give proper attention for the mental characters of patient to get good result.



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