Dharaniya vega—(urges to be controlled)

 Dharaniya vega—(urges to be controlled)
He who is desirous of happiness here (in this life) and hereafter (life in the other world) should control the urges of greed, envy, hatred, jealousy, love (desire) etc. and gain control over his sense organs.
 Sodhana cikitsã —(importance of purification therapies):—
 All out efforts should be made to clear out the malãs (dosha and waste products) at appropriate times. Too much of their accumulation leads to their aggravation and even cutting short of life itself (death).
 The dosha which are mitigated by langhana and päcana therapies might sometimes become aggravated (again) but those which are cleared ( expelled out ) by samodhana (purificatory) therapies will not get aggravated again.
 The physician who knows the proper time of every therapy (sodhana or purifactory) should administer them in proper procedure and proper degree, later on administer appropriate effective rejuvinators (tonic) and aphrodisiacs.

Kumkum / safron - Crocus sativus

 Medicinal Plant / herbs

Crocuses belong to the family Iridaceae. The saffron crocus is classified as Crocus sativus, It is a shrub. Leaves are seen towards the base of the stem and are compactly arranged.Read More about safron.....