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Acanthus ilicifolius Linn.
Family Acanthaceae.


Habitat Common in tidal forests along the East and West coasts; also distributed in Meghalaya and the Andamans.
English Sea Holly.
Ayurvedic Krishna Saraiyaka. (Blue-flowered Katasaraiyaa.)
Siddha/Tamil Kollimulli.
Folk Hargozaa.
Action Decoction—antacid (used in dyspepsia with acid eructations), also diuretic (used in dropsy and bilious swellings). Aerial parts show effect on nictitating membrane. The root is a cordial attenuant and is used in debility associated with asthma, paralysis, leucorrhoea.
The air-dried plant contains an alkaloid, acanthicifoline, and a flavone.