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Nilgirianthus ciliatus - Sahachara

Nilgirianthus ciliatus (Nees) Bremek.

Synonym : Strobilanthes ciliates Nees.

Strobilanthes ciliatus-1.jpg


Family : Acanthaceae.

Habitat : Western Ghats from South

Kanara to Travancore, in evergreen



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Ayurvedic : Sahachara (pale-roseflowered

var. used in Kerala).

(Sahachara is equated with Barleria

prionitis in other regions.)

Siddha/Tamil : Kurinji, Sinnangurinji.

Action : Used against neurological

disorders, sciatica, glandular

swellings and oedema.


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01 September 2013

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