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Abies webbiana Lindl.






Abies webbiana Lindl.

Synonym _ A. spectabilis (D. Don)


Pinus webbiana Wall.

Family _ Pinaceae.

Habitat _ The Himalayas from

Kashmir to Assam at altitudes of

1000 m.

English _ Indian Silver Fir, The

West-Himalayan High-Level Fir,

The East-Himalayan Fir.

Ayurvedic _ Taalisa, Taalisapatra,

Taalisha, Patraadhya, Dhaatriparni,


Unani _ Taalisapattar.

Siddha/Tamil _ Taalispatri.

Folk _ Badar, Chilrow, Morinda,

Raisalla, Taalispatra. (Tallispatra,

Taalispatri and Talespattre are

also equated with the leaves of

Cinnamomum tamala Nees.)

Action _ Expectorant, bronchial sedative,

decongestant, anticatarrhal,

antiseptic, carminative.

Key application _ Fir (Abies alba

Miller) needle oil—in catarrhal illness

of upper and lower respiratory

tract (internally and externally);

externally in rheumatic and neuralgic

pains. Contraindicated in

bronchial asthma and whooping

cough. (German Commission E.)

A biflavonoid, abiesin, n-triacontanol,

beta-sitosterol and betuloside are

present in the leaves.

The essential oil from leaves contains

alpha-pinene, l-limonene, deltacarene,

dipentene, l-bornyl acetate and

l-cardinene as major constituents.

Dosage _ Needles—24 g powder

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